TOP 5 German foods that I miss in Mumbai (What I brought back from my business trip to Germany)

We had just moved into our new apartment when I had to go on a business trip. I probably would have pushed one of my colleagues to go if it wasn’t a trip to Germany (my passport was about to expire 4 weeks later and I kind of kept it on hold to renew it for way too long). So I decided to pack my suitcase literally two days after moving into our new place keeping in mind that I could do the express passport renewal much faster in Germany than in India.

I will post about our move separately but you can imagine how it looked like when I was opening all boxes searching for my formal (and warm!!) clothes for the biz trip. (Side note: If you are moving houses and need to go for a trip just about the same time, please do listen to all the people who advise you to pack your suitcase for the trip before packing boxes!)

Anyways… I managed to pack my little purple suitcase and was surprised to fly off with not more than 17 kg (check-in and hand luggage) out of which around 5 kg were office material for my meetings in Germany.

Still I had to decide carefully what to take and what to keep when I was about to return home to Mumbai a few days later. Here is what I brought back with me:

All the food goodies from Germany
All the food goodies from Germany

Looks yummy, huh?

Most of the chocolates and sweets were meant for friends and colleagues (who enjoyed the Gummibärchen as much as I did when I was a child). Some of the Schwarzbrot (brown bread) and cheese is still left and will be enjoyed at our housewarming brunch soon.

I would love to hear from you which food from your home country you miss most? And have you been able to find it anywhere in India?

Comment below this post or send me a message here.

German Breakfast Table
German Breakfast Table
Fish, Salad and Potatoes
Fish, Salad and Potatoes


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Gwenda Glocalista – a SHEROE!

Wow. I am a SHEROE!

I was truly flattered when I received an email a few weeks back from a content writer of asking if I would agree to an interview. Me? Wow. They considered me an inspiration for women in India! I guess this is just another day of being true to yourself and loving what you do. Thank you, SHEROES Team!

Since yesterday, the interview is live: Meet the SHEROES – Gwenda Schobert

Like always, not everything fits in one article. And therefore, I decided to put up some of the statements that I liked a lot into this blog post:

  • I am a Mumbaikar; I love the fast life, chaos, opportunities, spirit and inspiration this city has to offer. I even found my peace with the never ending traffic of this city (A tip by the side: Plug in your headset and listen to classical music or audio books. I promise you; even Mumbai traffic will feel inspiring to you!).
  • We live in a world where people #dreambig and #workhard –but not for a boring and stressful 9 to 5 job that doesn’t bring fulfilment into their lives.
  • If you ask my husband, he would tell you that every day I come up with “the most brilliant idea”. Seriously, whenever something comes to my mind that I think is a good (business) idea, I start sharing my thoughts with him as “I got the most brilliant idea…”
  • I truly believe that if you love Mumbai, the city loves you back.
  • I had just an idea at that point of time. Like we all have ideas. But something told me that day to just make it happen.
Meet the SHEROES - Gwenda Schobert
Meet the SHEROES – Gwenda Schobert

Paaji’s Express in Lower Parel -Tasty food like at a Punjabi home

I was lucky enough to be invited for softlaunch of Paaji’s Express a few weeks back. It was such a great evening seeing all the hard work our friend put into the opening of this new restaurant inspired by Papa Pancho in Lower Parel. And you can’t imagine how tasty the food is over here…

The feedback my hubby and I gave: “We will come here every day -this is better than home-cooked food…” To be honest, we are not coming every day -the only reason being that we live pretty far away and don’t work in Lower Parel.

But if you either live in this part of town or get to work here, I urge you to try out this fantastic place if you haven’t done so yet.

The world's best Paneer Tikka -only at Paaji's Express in Lower Parel
The world’s best Paneer Tikka -only at Paaji’s Express in Lower Parel

As a starter we enjoyed Tandoori Chicken and Paneer Tikka. I remember that the chicken was tasty… but oh…. the paneer was just heaven! I would come here anytime just for this paneer tikka!!! It’s the best in town.

We continued our food journey of happiness with a Thali with Punjabi Kadi, Aloo Gobi, Bhuna Gosht, Butter Chicken and Baingan Bharta which was served with rice and roti. My husband and I were trying to figure out which dish was the best… But.. Seriously, they all tasted amazing.

The yummy thali at the softlaunch of Paaji's Express.
The yummy thali at the softlaunch of Paaji’s Express.

Often you find Thali sabjis being overcooked or made in big quantities (and therefore maybe with less love?)… Well, this one is different. With all respect to my MIL who makes the world best kadi -Paaji’s kadi was sooo yummy. The tastiest I’ve ever had. And we promised, next time my MIL is in Mumbai, we make her try this one as well… She will love it.

Overall, Paaji is a great concept of tasty food for office (check out their delivery service) or a lunch/dinner with colleagues that makes you feel at a Punjabi family home. Check out the menu here.

I am so excited about the menu. Choose a number between 1 and 15 for a set lunch delivered to your office.
I am so excited about the menu. Choose a number between 1 and 15 for a set lunch delivered to your office.

Oh and by the way: Awesome decoration, too. You will find the Papa Pancho typical parrots, movie posters and Bollywood music. It’s a lively and cozy place to spent your lunch break or eat a quick bite between meetings.

Parrots, movie posters and Bollywood music like at Papa Pancho.
Parrots, movie posters and Bollywood music like at Papa Pancho.

But now, go: see and taste for yourself. Let me know what you think about this restaurant in the comments below.

Paaji's Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Fight for Freedom to Love / Happy Valentine’s Day from India

Happy Valentine’s Day from India! I am writing to you live from Mumbai –the maximum city. Today is Saturday 14th February 2015. For me and my husband, it’s just another Saturday –we just finished our weekly household tasks and are ready to enjoy the weekend.

For the last few days, I have been overwhelmed with all the love-filled ads in TV, the big screened ads which are lining up the highway when I come back from office and of course all the special V-Day offers that come into my mail box. Most of the restaurants, hotels and bars are having a special set dinner for couples or even a Valentine’s Party set up for tonight.

For many of my friends in Europe, Valentine’s Day is just another day (like Christmas) used by the industry to make you buy gifts for each other and instead of YOU celebrating your love, businesses celebrate their spending customers.

My husband and I are also not so found of Valentine’s Day –in fact, we don’t care which day it is: If we feel like going out on a date with each other we simply do it –no matter whether it’s our wedding anniversary or an ordinary Wednesday evening after work.

Happy Valentine's Day 2015
Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Tonight, we are going out –because it’s Valentine’s Day. But not because to celebrate our LOVE; it’s something equally important that we will celebrate tonight: FREEDOM. Freedom to love and freedom to express your love in public.

In the recent years, many moral policing attacks by right-wing Hindu nationalists made the headlines of Times Of India and other big Indian newspapers. Couples celebrating their love on Valentine’s Day with a special menu in a pub or restaurant have to fear physical abuse by the underground support of political parties like Shiv Sena and BJP.

This is the reason why Valentine’s Day is not just another day in India. It’s a day to stand up (and go out for a Valentine’s dinner) for the FREEDOM TO LOVE.

PS: My tip to be safe during Valentine’s Day dinners: Go out for a meal in a fancy 5-star hotel or in a shopping mall. The moral policing mop usually targets smaller restaurants in individual set-ups.

PPS: And if you are in danger, the police asks all couples to file FIRs.