April Favourites

April has been such a wonderful month. I got the chance to spend amazing times with my Mumbai friends and also had some friends from Singapore visiting. It was so much fun and the perfect balance to my hectic, exciting and sometimes chaotic work life.


My Old Golden Necklace

Let me start with an old jewellery piece that I recently re-discovered and has become one of my favourite pieces to wear this month: this big round golden necklace.

The other day, I was rushing from meeting to meeting and didn’t really get a chance for a proper lunch before the next meeting – so I quickly grabbed a bite at my regular Starbucks store (the one in Phoenix Marketcity). And because I am so regular there that I am kind of part of the team, one of the partners made a super cool and a bit cheesy joke that absolutely made my day. He asked me if I participated in the Olympics. I was like… ahh… no?!?! His response: “Because you are wearing a gold medal…”

Since that day I always wear this jewellery piece when I need to a bit of extra confidence for a business meeting. It’s my gold medal necklace now.


Celebration Frappuccino

Talking about Starbucks – did you try the Celebration Frappuccino yet? It’s a blend of tiramisu and coffee. Heavy but oh so delicious!


The Tata Group that co-owns Starbucks in India turns 150 years. And well, honestly – every day has a reason to celebrate. So go, try and tell me if you are as obsessed as I am?


Project Eve in Andheri

Remember that I said April was such a great month because I got to spend time with my friends. Many of you know my friend Tatjana – and we recently discovered the Project Eve store on Linking Road in Andheri.

I remember that they invited me for the launch last year but for some reason I couldn’t go and I never explored the store. Project Eve is a unique concept store by Reliance that focuses on independent and sophisticated women in the age group of 25-40. Love it!!!

They have a mix of Western and Indian clothing and accessories. And each piece is a statement. I tried on a couple of Indian kurtas in black, white and gold designs and found this perfect piece.



As soon as I showed it to my friend, she said it was made for me. And really that’s exactly how it feels when I wear it. I can style it modern with light blue jeans or traditional with black leggings. I can wear it for evening events, during the day in office and even at the football ground when I am cheering for my favourite team. This is my favourite purchase of the month.


Giving back / NGO visit in Kharghar

Some of our closest friends came to visit us from Singapore. In fact, they are like family. And four of us decided that on our last day together in Mumbai, we would like to do something meaningful. We were looking for an NGO to do some kind of charity activity. I got to know about an NGO in Navi Mumbai that provides shelter, food and education to girls that were rescued from the red light district in Mumbai.

We organized some quiz show and games which the kids enjoy a lot. It was perfect timing because their summer holidays just started and to ensure their safety, the kids can leave their shelter only occasionally. After lots of games, we took everyone out for an unhealthy but fun lunch at McDonalds.



We ordered over 40 burgers, fries and cokes…. Special thanks to the McDonald’s team at Little World Mall for your help to make it smooth and fun.

It was an amazing afternoon we spend together and I am really excited to work with this NGO on a long-term basis. So this is just the beginning… Stay tuned for more in the upcoming Favorites.

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