I am a Feminist

I am a Feminist – and this is my new favourite t-shirt

If you are following me on social media or if you know me since childhood, you know that I believe in equality and freedom: Freedom to love whoever you want to love and Equality between men, women and everyone in between.

So of course, I had to buy this super cool and comfy t-shirt with a strong and positive political statement. I am excited to wear this t-shirt in office with a black blazer, during football matches of my favourite team in Bandra, in church on Sunday mornings and when crossing borders during my international travels.

It is also the perfect preparation outfit for my upcoming TEDx talk about BEING A FEMINIST. (Stay tuned!)

If you are wondering where to buy this amazing t-shirt – I found it online at http://www.romwe.co.in/

I am so obsessed with it that I am seriously considering to buy more of these and gift them to all my friends and family.

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