Lunch For One – At Phoenix Marketcity

By now you know that the Phoenix Marketcity is my favourite mall in Mumbai – not just because my home and office are close by but because of the great shopping and restaurant options they have.

The other day I enjoyed Lunch For One at the (relatively) newly opened Bombay Coffee House. I knew this café from Bandra but never paid attention to their meal menu. I used to meet friends for a quick coffee or milkshake and maybe had some pastries – that’s it.


But when Bombay Coffee House opened up at Phoenix Marketcity my friend and I went for lunch in one of the first days and we were impressed by the Cantonese Chicken Noodles and the Penang Curry. It was really delicious and comforting.


So recently, when I forgot my lunch box at home, I was thinking what to eat and while I was considering to just order subway to the office, I suddenly remembered the Penang Curry. Exactly what I needed that day: a yummy warm meal that comforts you.

And that’s how I decided to have Lunch For One at Bombay Coffee House. I sat down at the high tables at the end of the café from where you can look into the Dublin Square, took out my book to read and before looking into the menu I ordered the Penang Curry again.


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