Tips to stay fit this 2018

Every New Year, we make resolutions to stay fit and make the new year our healthiest yet. But by the end of the first month itself, all the good intentions go down the drain. Don’t let 2018 pass by just like the previous years. Make this year productive, stick to your resolutions and promise your body that you will keep it healthy and fit. Here are three tips that you can use to stick to your New Year resolutions and exercise more this year:

  • Keep realistic goals

Always swear by this tip. It is very important to know your physical and mental abilities and make goals accordingly. By making unrealistic aims, not only do we fail to follow them but it also causes us to become demotivated towards exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle. Keep achievable goals which will be easier to attain, and then slowly go on increasing the level of difficulty, for example, starting with 1 a kilometre run and gradually increasing the distance or doing 10 push-ups a day and then increasing the number every day. These small wins will make you feel confident that you are taking successful steps towards completing your goals.

  • Get new stylish sportswear

If you’re about to start your new rigorous exercise regime, and need some motivation, then one of the best ways is to treat yourself to some stylish new sportswear! Buying some amazing sportswear such as tees with inspirational quotes, neon coloured shoes, trendy wristbands and other accessories will make you feel good and help boost your willpower to start the routine. You know that Phoenix Marketcity Kurla is my favorite mall and they have a wide range of sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, Puma, Reebok, Speedo, Skechers and more!



  • Stay accountable

Keep a track of all the exercise and workouts you have been doing. You can keep a diary and track your exercise or use one of the plenty apps to do this for you. Share your happiness by posting a pre and post workout session photo on your social media profiles and tell your friends to keep you accountable. Make sure you don’t miss your workout on any day and be very regular about it. The key is perseverance and the determination to keep yourself healthy. Working out with a friend or your partner also helps you stay accountable and achieve your new year’s resolutions.

Gwenda Glocalista’s Fitness Goals for 2018

My fitness new year’s resolutions are to run 60km in races this year, to exercise 5 times a week, to create a yoga routine (somewhat daily) and to join a football team. Putting it out here on the blog, I hope to stay accountable to all of them!

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