Mumbai for Kids – Part 1

Children’s Day is being celebrated across India today (November 14th) in order to increase awareness of children’s rights, health issues and education needs. If you find yourself, like so often, looking for interesting, engaging things to do for your kid(s) where they learn something new or burn off all that energy, then we have some suggestions for you.

There are of course events put up especially on days like Children’s Day. Check in newspapers and on the Facebook event section or with the various groups you may be a member of (Facebook or What’s App based mommy groups, clubs/gymkhanas, children libraries, etc.) to find out about events in your neighbourhood. If you are staying in a compound with other families or if your kid(s) go to school, check with other parents and the notice board.


If nothing turns up, here are some all-time favourites that almost always work. Right now the weather is pleasant but the hot and humid summer and rainy monsoon will be back so we included some out-and indoor options:

Parks / play grounds:

  • South Bombay: Hanging Garden and the Boot House just across the street, Chowpatty beach
    Bandra: Joggers Park, Bandstand & Carter Road (not parks but plenty of space to run)
    Juhu: Lions Juhu Children’s Municipal Park, Juhu Beach, Juhu Joggers Park
    Powai: Forest Park
  • Some neighbourhoods have lovely little parks and many of them are equipped with at least some basics (swing set, slide, see-saw)
  • Before heading out make sure to check the opening timings (Google Maps is one resource to do that) since most parks close during the day (between 10 am and 3 or 4 pm)
  • Some parks do charge a minimal entry fee (about 5 – 10 Rs). That often means though that they are kept up and tidy.
PC: Parents Magazine
PC: Parents Magazine

Indoor playgrounds:

  • Lower Parel: Funky Monkeys, Millk
    Bandra: My Gym, Hop n Bop, Skipperty Hopperty
    Andheri: Funky Monkeys, Play Around
    Powai: Little Monsters
    Chembur: Hop Skip N Play
  • As mentioned above, the weather in Mumbai makes it tricky sometimes to use parks which is when indoor play areas come in really handy
  • There are options all over Mumbai with quite a high concentration in Bandra and Lower Parel, but also in Powai, Andheri, Chembur and South Bombay
  • Pricing will differ based on location and size of the play area, what time you are visiting (weekday vs. weekend) and how many adults are accompanying the child
  • Many have little cafes in the play area as well (though food and drinks are usually fast-food-like snacks)
  • All kids have to be accompanied by an adult and both, kid(s) and adult(s) have to wear socks.


Other forms of entertainment:

  • Places of interest: Kidzania, Zoo, Aquarium, Smaaash
  • Classes: Yoga, dance, swimming, music – usually those are not just temporary possibilities but many places offer a free trial or special sessions
  • Camps: Especially during school holidays you will see a lot of information going around on how to keep your little one busy when not in school. Again, Facebook and the mommy groups are the main place to find information.

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