Happy Birthday Starbucks India – 5 years and 100 stores!!!

There was a life before Starbucks that some of you who have been living in India for more than 5 years will remember. In 2012, the first India store was opened at Horniman Circle in Mumbai. And 5 years later, Starbucks just opened it 100th store – also in Mumbai.

Starbucks India is currently present in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. And they are planning to open 3 stores in Kolkata next year.

To celebrate their 5th year anniversary in India and the opening of their 100th store, Starbucks has a special offer across all their stores on Saturday, 28 October 2017. 100 Rupees for any short/tall handcrafted beverage. All day long.

Thank you Starbucks for giving us such an amazing gift on YOUR birthday!!!

This offer is valid at all Starbucks stores across India but if you want to meet me, you should come to my favorite Starbucks store at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla.

Starbucks India 100th store 5th anniversary

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