Know more on Bakri-Id and top places to eat Biryani in Mumbai.

Bakri Id, another Muslim festival that is celebrated worldwide and has a national holiday for the same. In India, people celebrate this festival with great joy and enthusiasm. It is also known as Eid-al-adha or Sacrifice Feast.

On this very day, Muslims give a sacrifice of the sheep or goat and then share it’s meat with people. The whole of the share is divided into three parts, family members, neighbors and the poor people. Muslims consider sharing of meal as very important.

According to Islamic lunar calendar, Bakri Id occurs on 10th day of Dhu-al-Hijjah. This year, Bakri Id begins on 1st of September and will end on 2nd of September in India.

Why do Muslims consider this sacrifice so important? Around the world, Muslims have beliefs that their Allah(God) directed Abraham to make a sacrifice of his son Ishmael. Though at the last moment, his son was substituted by a sheep. This is celebrated worldwide by Muslims in order to proclaim and showcase their honor towards this act of obedience to their God’s commands. All of the Muslims value this a lot and consider this sacrifice as a holy occasion.

Mumbai, the city of dreams, has once again geared up for the celebrations of the festival. Even Mumbai Traffic Police have also passed an order to not intercept any vehicle that carries animal for holy sacrifice. Mumbai has always been famous for serving some of the finest street foods and other gourmet foods as well. The Bakri Id is not only limited to feast and meat. They are accompanied by dishes like korma, biryani, kebabs and kheer. The authenticity of Id in Mumbai lies in the celebrations done. From Khans to every common Mumbaikar, Mumbai has a special meaning attached to this day.

Biryani is a must. To enrich your celebrations, we enlist 5 best places that serve the best of Biryani in Mumbai. You must visit them to get acquainted with the taste of Mughlai style Biryani.

  1. Koyla
    Location: 3/23, Kamal Mansion, N.A. Azmi Road, Next To Radio Club, Colaba
    A rooftop restaurant that has special menu for you to complete your celebrations of Eid. You can try their flavor filled biryani and yummy kebabs on this special occasion of Id.
  1. Shalimar
    Location: 4 outlets over the city.
    They serve an amazing range of Mughlai food. They have a variety of flavors in biryani and chicken to serve your watering mouth. You can try their Biryani ka Daam this Id.
  1. Noor Mohammedi Hotel
    Location: 181-183, Abdul Hakim Noor Mohammadi Chowk, Bhendi Bazar
    This one is another gem located in South Mumbai. Shammi Kebabs and Nalli Nihari are some of names. Show some Bollywood twist and try their Chicken Sanju Baba. Id dinner couldn’t be better than this.
  1. Persian Darbar
    Location: 3 outlets over the city
    This is a wonderful destination to try some of the best kebabs and flavors of Biryani. This year, give rest to your flooded watering mouth. Not only do they serve you good food, but they also serve you a royal look with their wonderful royal interior touch. All of the outlets are opened till late in the night and are great places to visit.
  1. Zaffran
    Location: 9 outlets over the city
    Another late night restaurant that serves delicious variety of Biryani. It’s an amazing Kebab corner as well. One must try their Murgh Biryani.
  1. Kakori House
    Location: Multiple outlets in the city
    This restaurant is popularly known for its beautifully fragrant and aromatic biryani. Their style of cooking is inspired from the Nawabi cooking from Awadh. It is also known for its decadent melt-in-the-mouth kebabs.
  1. Lucky Restaurant
    Location: 5 outlets all over the city
    Lucky is a restaurant that has been lauded a legendary status in Mumbai for one of the best biryanis. It is a popular place among celebrities who crave biryanis once in a while. It is definitely a must-visit.
  1. Dum Pukht- ITC Maratha
    Location: Chakala
    This is a fine-dining restaurant that is known for its outstanding food quality. Their Dum Pukht Biryani is a wonderful amalgamation of succulent lamb pieces and saffron-flavoured rice, simmered with mace, ittar and kewra, cooked in a traditional handi. It is a little on the expensive end, but definitely a must-try!

Other than Biryani, there are also other delicious and authentic recipes one can try in Mumbai on the occasion of Bakri Eid. Here is a list of some of the best recipes and where to find them-

  1. Raan Biryani
    Where: The Bohri Kitchen, Worli and Khyber, Fort
    The Bohri Kitchen is famous for its Raan Biryani, which needs to be ordered in advance to allow the Raan to marinate. Khyber serves their in-house special Khyber Raan and Tandoori Raan which draws people from different places just to have a taste of it.


  1. Nalli NihariWhere: Noor Mohammedi Hotel and Chinese N Grill, both at Mohammed Ali Road
    Nalli Nihari is a stew consisting of slow-cooked lamb along with bone marrow. Both these places serve the best Nalli Nihari in the city. One must surely visit these restaurants to experience this speciality.


Don’t just celebrate Id, celebrate Life.

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