MAHLZEIT – some German words can’t be translated

I thought I will do something different for this blog post. I will write a BEFORE and AFTER of a restaurant visit.


If you are following me on Instagram ( , you know that I was planning to check out the new German restaurant called Mahlzeit in Bandra last Monday. But unfortunately, I reached and they were closed (like many restaurants in Germany). But the owners promised me they will soon be open on Monday’s, too.

Mahlzeit Berlin Street Food Pali Hill Bandra Mumbai India German Food Restaurant

Luckily there are many alternatives in Bandra and my friend and I went to “Craving Salads” instead. But both being Germans, we can’t wait to try the (hopefully) authentic Berlin Street Food that Mahlzeit promises.

Berlin Street Food is one thing I do miss in India: Currywurst, Bratwurst, Döner Kebabs, Bratkartoffeln and much more. (In fact, every time I am in Germany and eat a Döner, I ask my husband to take a picture of me!)

From Germany via Pune, Mahlzeit came to Bandra a few weeks ago. They are located in Pali Hill near the Bagel Shop. (Address: 1, Sefa House, Next to Gem Medicals, Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Phone: 022 30151628.)

Later today I will check them out for lunch and I am super excited. Definitely wanna try the Currywurst, the Döner and maybe some Bratkartoffeln.

The good thing for you reading this blog post right now is that you can just fast-forward and read all about my experience at Mahlzeit below.


Wow. This is definitely the most German food I have had in Mumbai (except the German food I prepare at home). Of course it doesn’t taste 100% the way it does in Berlin or my hometown but it’s pretty authentic.

doener kebab german food berlin street food in mumbai bandra pali hill india

Even before we entered the eatery, we knew we must try the Döner Kebab. Without doubt, Döners are German’s most popular (and most delicious) street food. It’s a Turkish German collaboration as it was invented by the Turkish community in Berlin. It’s basically a pita bread filled with salads, meat and sauces. Yum!!! And the one at Mahlzeit gets really close to the real deal in Germany.

Berlin Street Food from Germany in India Mumbai Bandra Pali Hill

We tried both the Chicken Döner and the Beep Döner (Tenderloin). The chicken version is definitely better. Another German food we tried was the Bauernfrühstück (Farmer’s Breakfast) which essentially is a dish made of leftover potatoes that are pan-fried and served with a sunny side up. (Decided to try the Currywurst some other time because all sausages are Pork sausages and we had a Muslim friend with us.)

Club Mate India

And of course, we had to have Club Mate: such a stylish drink in Berlin’s street cafes.

Verdict: We definitely come back whenever we crave Döner (which is one of the few German foods I really miss in India). See below our favorite Berliner who enjoyed some Döner with us today.

Mahlzeit German Berlin Street Food in Mumbai

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