Happy Independence Day 2017

Today is India’s Independence Day and though I consider myself to belong to this country and to talk about India as “my country” (I am permanently living here. My husband is Indian. And as you know I am a Mumbaikar by choice.). I still thought it would be appropriate to ask one of our interns to write about the Independence Day. So this is what Deepali from Delhi wants to share with you about the Indian Independence Day:

Independence Day is an annual compliance celebrated each year on 15th of August. For the people of India, Independence Day is a day that has great significance. At this very day, India got liberty. India got it’s freedom from the British rule after long years of slavery. 15th August has been declared as a National as well as Gazetted holiday all across India. This day is an honor to celebrate the independence of our country from British rule on 15th of August 1947.

India Independence Day Mumbai 2017
India Independence Day Mumbai 2017

It was never an easy task for India to get freedom from the Britishers . However, the contribution of great freedom fighters made us achieve this and turn it into truth. Their sacrifices, their contribution, their lives have helped India attain the freedom for us. We are at our comfort living with rest and freedom. This has been only possible because of their sacrifices and contribution. Various violent and nonviolent resistances have been a part of the freedom struggle. Pakistan and India got partitioned. Accompanied by a lot of violent riots, various people faced dislocation from their homes.

On this day, all offices either government or private, national or state or even local, every store remains closed. The only thing that remains unaffected is public transport. People celebrate it with great enthusiasm. This day is also celebrated at schools, colleges and other educational institutions by students and teachers. In offices as well, people celebrate it with great enthusiasm showcasing their feeling of patriotism.

This year, 2017, India will be celebrating its 71th Independence Day.  All Indians pay tribute and reminisce all the freedom fighters who had fought for our Independence. With respect to their contribution, India has been able to enjoy and celebrating 71 years of Independence.

The Indian independence movement embraced activities and ideas which had the aim to end the East India Company rule (1757–1858) and the British Indian Empire (1858–1947) in the Indian subcontinent. The movement spanned for a total of 190 years (1757–1947).

In an “Address to the Nation”, the President of India gives speech every year. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and a lot of passion in the Capital of the country where the Prime Minister of India raises the Indian flag on the Red Fort, Delhi. After which, National Anthem is sung and twenty-one gun shots are ablaze to salute and honor the Indian flag.

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