July Favorites

I don’t know about you… but for me, this month went by sooo fast; maybe because I was on holidays in Southern France and Germany for two and half weeks. Anyways… Here are my July Favorites:

Lac de Sainte Croix

This was probably my favorite spot of vacationing in Southern France this time: a beautiful mountain lake, a magical composition of blues and greens and just breath-taking. This is one place that actually looks so much better in real life compared to Instagram pictures. The green and blue colors are just insane. Seriously… Nature is beautiful and breath-taking. (And I am so blessed that my pictures of the lake got featured on the Instagram account of France Tourisme.


I know it sounds crazy… but while I was enjoying delicious cheese, fish and wine in Southern France and while I was visiting family and friends in Germany, I actually missed this crazy city!

I guess I am a true Mumbaikar… I can travel the world, but Mumbai is home and I can never stay away for too long.

Rameen at Hello Guppy!

One of my favorite Monsoon meals is a hot and delicious noodle soup. I recently enjoyed some yummylicious Rameen at Hello Guppy the new fun Japanese restaurant in BKC. I will probably do a full blog post about them because I really enjoy their food. It’s very authentic food and a comfortable casual place to hang out with friends!

Delicious #ramen and #udonnoodles at @helloguppy #dinnerlastnight #japanese #BKC

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And some more food I can’t live without this month: Pomegranate. It’s healthy, it’s delicious and it’s sexy. I eat it for breakfast in my oats, as a pre-lunch snack, during lunch in my salad, in the afternoon just to snack on something healthy, and in the evening for a desert after dinner.

Weekend Monsoon Getaways around Mumbai

For many Mumbaikars, Monsoon is their favorite time of the year. After the long sweaty summer, people rejoice over the rains. For many of us who experience these crazy continuous rains for the first time, it is overwhelming. Non-stop rains, dirty roads, not being able to spent time outside, and it’s so dark the whole time. Especially when you are new to the city, monsoon can be a difficult time because it’s harder to explore places and meet new friends. Why don’t you do it like the Mumbaikars and enjoy monsoon away from the city for a day or the weekend? Check out our list of getaways from the city where you can enjoy this lovely rainy season.

Monsoon Getaway Mumbai

  1. Malshej Ghat : A hill station situated in Sahyadri ranges. Surroundings being engulfed in green hills and innumerable waterfalls are a treat to watch during Monsoons. You must visit this place if you are seeking for some adventure and don’t want to miss the chance to capture the pink flamingos that drift during the winters.

Things to do:

  • Malshej Falls provide a mystic view during the monsoons.
  • Go for some Bird Watching around the Ghat.
  • An excellent place for adventure and outdoor activities like trekking, hiking and camping within the mountain range.
  • Visit the Flamingo Resort nearby.
  • Visit the Shivnero Fort which is the birthplace of the renowned Shivaji Maharaj (that’s the guy after which everything is named in Mumbai).
  1. Lonavala and Khandala 

The twin hill stations of Lonavla and Khandala near Mumbai offer a combined package of land and water. It’s the favorite place for Mumbaikars and Pune people for a beautiful weekend getaway during monsoon.

Things to do:

  • Experience and enjoy watching the numerous water streams squirting out of the Bushy dam.
  • While visiting this twin-hill, Sausage Hills is a must visit destination which provides the privilege of sight-seeing of unusual birds.
  • Visit the artificial Pawna Lake for beautiful views of the water.
  • Go trekking and visit some of the forts in the area, such as Tung Fort and the Tikona Fort.

Monsoon Getaway Mumbai

  1. Kolad

Kolad is a quaint place which is located around 120km from Mumbai. Kolad is a perfect place to escape and enjoy your weekends. From adventure to historic caves and from temples to natural beauty, it promises almost everything.

Things to do:

  • Kolad offers excellent range of  water sports such as rowing, kayaking,rafting, camping, river crossing, rappelling.
  • Visit Tala Fort and Ghosala Fort.
  • Visit the Kuda Caves which is a group of 13 rock caves built by the Buddhist.
  • Enjoy Tamhini Fall, Kansai Waterfalls and hot springs at Uddhar.
  1. Thoseghar Village

Filled with waterfalls, the Thoseghar Falls in Satara are one of the best waterfalls near Mumbai.

     Things to do:

  • Visit Kaas Lake which is a home to several migratory birds.
  • Enjoy breath-taking view of flowers covering Kaas plateau.
  • Trek to the top of Sajjangad and admire the view the beautiful flower laden valley.
  • Enjoy the breath-taking view of amazing waterfalls, ranging from 20 metres to 500 metres in height.

Monsoon Getaway Mumbai

  1. Tapola

Famously known as Mini Kashmir, Tapola is a perfect place because of its raw beauty and untouched natural landscape.

Things to do:

  • Tapola offers a brilliant experience to all water sport lovers.
  • It is a paradise for all trekking seekers.
  • Visit the dams built on Koyana and Solshi river and enjoy the spectacular view.
  • Hire a speedboat and enjoy a ride on Tapola’s Shivsagar Lake.

So, what you are waiting for? There are beautiful monsoon destinations around Mumbai. You just need to pack your bags, rent a car and enjoy!

Things to do this week in Mumbai (24 to 30 July 2017)

Monday, 24 July

Enjoy this unique blend of Theatre + Poetry Sam #67: Open mic. #MondayMotivation can never be better than this. Enjoy this lively evening at the Habitat – Comedy and Music Café in Khar. The best thing: the first 30 poets get an assured spot. To get more updates, check out their official Facebook event page.

Tuesday, 25 July

Have you ever been to the NCPA in Nariman Point for one of their amazing theatre performances? Abhivyakti, a Hindi play, is the compilation of four silences, which are yearning to speak and be finally heard. These four voices are talked about aspects for a long time now. But today, they want to talk about what they feel. For more information about the event, visit the NCPA website.

Wednesday,26 July

Today, you can enjoy watching a play at Café Zoe in Lower Parel. A Palestinian actor who learns there’s more to English girls than pure sex appeal. A Pakistani-born terror suspect figures out what’s wrong with his first novel. A British youth suspects all is not what it seems with his object of desire. A New Yorker asks his girlfriend for a sexual favour at the worst possible time. Love Bombs and Apples is about comic tale of three men, each from different parts of the globe, all experiencing a moment of revelation. For more information about the event, check their official Facebook event page.

Thursday,27 July

Time for some Rock Music! Head over to the Hard Rock Cafe in Andheri where ‘Blame the Herb‘ will perform live today. The band plays an extremely unique style of hard rock blended into an alternative mood delivering with bunch of extraordinary humor. For more information about the event, check their official Facebook event page.

Friday,28 July

Thank God it’s Friday! And we are heading to one of our favorite places, Khar Social, for the Deep in Dance (House/Techno). Loud music, cheap drinks… all that you need on a Friday night. For more information about the event, check their official Facebook event page.

Saturday,29 July

Glocal Junction in Worli will be live screening the world’s biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland 2017. Enjoy this ultimate music madness with your friends in Mumbai. For more information about the event, check their official Facebook event page.

Sunday,30 July

Well, it’s Sunday. And you know… We don’t really need a reason for a bottle of wine, do we? It’s time to go Bottles Up at the Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point. Experience some of the finest range of domestic and imported wines at exclusive prices (and don’t forget you can use your Gwenda Glocalista Card to get 15% discount on your food bill). For more information about this event, check out their official Facebook event page.

My new #BFF and best Dentist in Mumbai – Dr. Diksha from Smile Essentials


Back in Germany, I used to visit my family doctor whenever I needed. And a dentist whom I used to visit every 6 months for a bi-annual check-up. And a gynecologist. And that’s it. I was never really sick or needed any major medical therapy.

When I moved to Mumbai over 3 years ago, I was healthy, in my 20s and without kids. I didn’t really feel the need to research doctors or hospitals in the city.

Usually, if my husband or I need to visit a doctor, we check Practo.com (website and App). Practo.com is a website that allows patients to search for the best doctors in their vicinity as per specialization and lists information about the doctor like his/her qualifications, experience, services offered and reviews from other patients.

Just before heading to Europe for my summer holidays, I decided to visit Smile Essentials for a quick dental check-up. I never really had any tooth pain or dental problems but in the last 3 years in Mumbai, I kept visiting different dentists for an annual check up -never really disappointed but also not completely confident about the professionalism and competence of the dentists.

However, when I walked out of the Smile Essentials clinic in Bandra, I was totally wowed by the approachability of the doctor, the professionalism, the fact that the dentist took a lot of time to have a nice “small talk” with me and to understand me as a patient, and also the nice add on: a TV screen right above the dental chair so that you can watch your favorite Netflix episode while the dentist does her job.

And then, I posted this picture on my Instagram account calling Dr. Diksha from Smile Essentials my new #BFF 🙂


Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, a brilliant young dentist who wants to change the way dental care is perceived in India. She has two clinics in Mumbai (Bandra and Worli) under the Smile Essentials and promises painless treatment.

I highly recommend Dr. Diksha and Smile Essentials. Especially for people who are looking for a professional, friendly dentist who understands us as expats and doesn’t try to just squeeze out extra money.

Smile Essentials Bandra Clinic:

4 Prem Sagar, Opp. Khar Telephone Exchange, Linking Road, Khar/Bandra, Mumbai 400052


Smile Essentials Worli Clinic:

Shop no 49, Ground Floor, Atria Mall, Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Opp. Poonam Chambers, Worli, Mumbai – 400018


For further information or to book an appointment, you can call Mrs. Nameeta Ahuja at +91 99204 24852. (You can mention Gwenda Glocalista as reference if you wish.)

Website: http://smileessentials.co.in/

This blog post is sponsored by Smile Essentials India.

Things to do in Mumbai this Week (10 July- 16 July 2017)

Monday, 10 July

Start the week by exploring the magnificent paintings of famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. AntiSocial is screenning it today at 8pm. To get more information about this event, click here.

Tuesday, 11 July

Laugh Out Loud today! Siddharth Dudeja is all set to serve the audiences and entertain them with his LIVE performance. Enjoy a great comedy night at Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai. Check out their official Facebook event page for more details.

Wednesday,12 July

No mid-week blues at DIVE BKC. Happydemic presents Sarthak Saksena who are all set to groove your hearts with some amazing Sufi music. Check out their official Facebook event page for details.

Thursday,13 July

Clark House invites you for its Thursday Arts Night. This will be a group show about “NARCISSISM & SOCIAL INTERACTION”. For more information, check out their official Facebook event page.

Friday,14 July

India’s one and only macaroon queen from Cordon Bleu Paris, Pooja Dhingra (Founder of Le15 Patisserie) is all set to share her experiences and journey of bringing French pastry to India. For more information about this event, check out the official Facebook event page.

Saturday,15 July

Today, Savor is launching Savor Lite, it’s very own no-gluten vegetarian lunch service. To experience an amazing range of healthy food drop a mail at hello@savorexperiences.com.

Sunday,16 July

End the weekend dancing. Cafe Zoe invites you to the Lindy Swing Night, a beginner’s workshop on Sunday evening, 7pm. Come alone, bring a friend or join as a couple. For more information , check out the official Facebook event page.

June Favorites 2017

I know it’s already July…but better late than never, right? Here are my favorites from last month:

  1. Chicken Tikka Lasagne at Dishkiyaoon

I am usually not a big fan of Indian-Italian fusion food. Most of the dishes that involved pasta and some kind of Indian gravy (like butter chicken, paneer makhani, etc.) did not work for my taste buds. But the Chicken Tikka Lasagne at Dishkiyaoon is totally different. Maybe because the tomato sauce is Italian flavoured and it is just the chicken that has the typical tikka flavour… I am not sure why it’s different but it’s different. And totally delicious!

I have a separate blog post about the entire new menu at Dishkiyaoon coming up. Stay tuned!

  1. Paneer Manchurian and Cold Beer at BKC Dive

What makes a good bar a good bar? Chilled beer, good music and great bar food. And the comibination of paneer Manchurian and a cold beer at BKC Dive is just divine. You can read details in this blog post.

  1. My Iftar Meal at Nawab Kabab

June was the month of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr. This year, my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful local and very yummy Iftar Meal at Nawab Kabab. Read all about it here.

  1. The Starbucks Team at Phoenix Market City Kurla

Saturday’s are my casual work days. And I usually work from cafes around the city. Birdsong Café in Bandra, The Pantry in Kala Ghoda and now I found a new favourite: Starbucks. They have fast internet and the most amazing team. Seriously! After the third time I walked in with my laptop, Leena greeted me by my name (and spells it correctly!) and already prepared my standard Green Tea before I even ordered.

  1. My Golden Shoes

By the time you read this, I am in Southern France and enjoying a wonderful vacation. Check out my Instagram photos to get to see my new favorite shoes. They are golden and I love them.

Things to Do in Mumbai this Week (03 July to 09 July 2017)

Monday, 03 July

Start your week in a poetic style. A special mix of theater + poetry is awaiting you at Tuning Fork. Find all the details on the official Facebook event page.

Tuesday,04 July

How about spending your Tuesday evening Antisocial with the Alliance Francais de Bombay? KharSocial will screen “Le Pere Noel”. That’s right: Christmas in July. You can get more information on the official Facebook event page.

Wednesday,05 July

A healthy life is a fun life. On 05 July, the Zumba Fitness India Tour 2017 is finally happening. Gear up for master classes by Maria Jimena Browning (US) & Sucheta Pal (India). For more details, check out the official Facebook event page.

Thursday,06 July

Summer House Café, Mumbai is going to be an amazing destination for Thursday night. MTV and NESCAFÉ, are coming together and hosting HOUSE OF LABS in a realm of celebrating the fantastic end of the first season of MTV presents Nescafé LABS. Check out the official Facebook event page for more details.

Friday,07 July

No Friday Plans Yet? No worries, Radio Bar is back with its third edition of Radio Night Market. Shopping, Eating, Dancing, Drinking and that too all under one roof. It seems like it is all set to rock Mumbai one more time.

Saturday,08 July

Don’t make any other plans tonight. Ziziland Jazz Festival will take place in Bandra today and promises to be a fantastic Jazz night for all the music lovers. Check my blog post to get all the details and make sure to mention “ZIZIGWC10” to avail 10% discount.

Sunday,09 July

End the weekend in style. Get ready and book yourself for an amazing evening at Razzberry Rhinoceros as Dauwd, one of the great influencers of electronic music is all set to perform and kick your day and give you a better night. The event starts at 3PM. Find all the details on the official Facebook event page.

Ziziland Jazz Festival in Bandra on 08 July 2017

It’s time for All That Jazz with the Ziziland Jazz Festival
A celebration of Jazz music, the festival will pay tribute to Ella Fitzgerald and members of the Rat Pack

Ziziland is a festival created to bring together the young and old, the music lovers and free spirits, the jazz maestros and the young jazz cats! Open the doors to this magical Wonderland and experience the sounds that take you away to Ziziland!

Show One: 100 Years of Ella Fitzgerald, At 6 pm (Artists: The Bombay Jazz Club features, Samantha Edwards, D.Wood (Bass), Karim Ellaboudi (Keys), Aron Nyiro (Drums))

Show Two: The Rat Pack Songbook, At 8 pm (Artists: Louiz Banks, Gino Banks, Gary Lawyer, Sheldon D’Silva)

Special Code – “ZIZIJAZZ(gets you 10% discount)

When: Saturday, 8th July, 2017

Time: 6 pm and 8 pm

Book Tickets On: https://insider.in/get-your-tickets-to-ziziland-jazz-festival/article

Venue: St. Andrew’s Auditorium, 55, Saint Dominic Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

All That Jazz with the Ziziland Jazz Festival