Things to do this week in Mumbai (26 June to 02 July 2017)

Monday, 26 June

Celebrate Eid ul Fitr with your friends and family. And if you are not invited (or can invite yourself) to an amazing Eid celebration at someone’s home, order some delicious Biryani and Kebabs home and enjoy a Muslim meal at home.

Tuesday, 27 June

What’s the best thing to do when it’s pouring outside? Stay inside and play board games. (Well, head to Dishkiyaoon and play board games!) Happy Hour, a brand new menu (I highly recommend the Chicken Tikka Lasagne and the Cold Coffee Sangria Mocktail), and board games! All the details are on the official Facebook event page.

Wednesday, 28 June

Cafe Zoe in Lower Parel launches its Theater Club this Wednesday with the English Play Bayan. In Turkish, ‘Bayan’ means women. In the Indian subcontinent it means ‘a statement’ or ‘an expression’. Find all the details on the official Facebook event page.

Thursday, 29 June

Today, the All Things Nice Malt Week starts. Enjoy unique culinary experiences with Classic Malt from Scotland at Masque, Hakkasan, Vivanta by Taj (Wink), Olive Bard & Kitchen and Magazine St. Kitchen from today until 06 July. Check this blog post for all the details and make sure to mention “Gwenda Glocalista” to get 10% discount.

Friday, 30 June

Friday Night! When Hip Hop meets Disco. This Friday at The Daily Bar & Kitchen in Bandra. Check the details on the official Facebook page.

Saturday, 01 July

And because Razzberry Rhinoceres is even more beautiful during the monsoons, head to Juhu to dance the night away! Sanjay Dutta feat. Helium Project & Freaktune 10pm onwards. Check the details on the official Facebook event page.

Sunday, 02 July

Sunday’s are made for lazy breakfasts. Especially during the monsoons. Head to The Sassy Spoon Nariman Point to enjoy their New Special Weekend Breakfast Menu. Details to be found on our Facebook page.


The Best Iftar Meal this Ramadan in Mumbai

I still remember how 15 years ago, I would celebrate the End of Ramadan (Eid ul Fitr) with my Muslim friends and their mosque in my German hometown. The Muslim community in Verden (that’s my hometown) always invited everyone to celebrate their religious festivals and during Ramadan they would prepare a wonderful spread of delicious smelling food at their community hall and family, neighbors, friends and really everyone came together.

This year, I was really missing an Iftar meal with our Muslim friends, so my husband and I decided to try out  a place called “Nawab Kabab” about which I had read somewhere in a local Mumbai food blog. Tucked away in a small lane of L.B.S. Marg in Kurla (near the Phoenix Market City Mall), we found Nawab Kabab after wondering around for a little while.

And really, it is not even a small restaurant. It’s a bunch of tables at a construction side with a cashier on the street and a bunch of boys making kababs in a corner.

Nawab Kabab LBS Marg Kurla Mumbai India

And yes, this is definitely not for everyone. (In fact, even my Indian husband felt like a tourist here). But oh my God… It was such an amazing meal and a very unique experience.

We sat down at a table in the corner after everyone stopped eating and starred at us. We were probably the only non-fasting and non-Muslims here. It seemed that everyone else came here right after work to break fast (Iftar) with their families.

So what do you do (or maybe it’s just me) when you when you are in a new place and you have no idea how things work? You watch people around. And that’s exactly what we did.

Table Neighbors during our Iftar Meal at Nawab Kabab LBS Marg Kurla Mumbai India

So, we realized there was no point to ask for the menu because they didn’t have a menu. They served kababs and paratha (a type of Indian bread) with mint chutney. We followed our table neighbors and pulled off some leaves from the fresh mint that was kept on a plate with lemon and raw onions and threw it on the plate with the chutney. And then we broke a piece off the paratha used it to hold the kabab, dipped it in the chutney and enjoyed what I would call one of the best Iftar meals I ever had.

Iftar Meal 2017 Mumbai India Eid ul Fitr

Wishing everyone EID MUBARAK!

BKC Dive – my new favorite bar in BKC

Last Sunday was a cricket match like no other. India versus Pakistan. Trophy Championship. And though I come from a country of football (or soccer like my American friends call it), I must say I do enjoy a bit of Cricket Masala once in a while.

BKC Dive India Pak Cricket Match Bandra Kurla Cmplex Mumbai India

So, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head to BKC Dive in Bandra Kurla Complex. After all, the second best place to watch cricket (after live in the stadium) is a good bar, right?

After a long shopping tour at the Phoenix Marketcity Mall, my husband and I were extremely happy to relax with some chilled beer and delicious bar food while watching the India Pak match.

Seriously… Amen to a bar that serves better food than many restaurants. My absolute favorite was the Paneer Manchurian with its crunchy capsicum and peanut flavor.

I am super excited to announce that BKC Dive has just joined us as a Gwenda Glocalista Card Partner and will be offering an amazing discount to you. Check out all the details under Card Partners and in case you haven’t bought your card, click here. (Make sure you use code: “Monsoon50” to get 50% discount when purchasing the Gwenda Glocalista Card.)

All Things Nice Malt Week 29 June to 06 July 2017

Our friends from All Things Nice came up with yet another amazing event that pairs delicious food with classic single malt whiskey from Scotland. And this time it’s en entire week at different venues across Mumbai.

Like always, they offer a special discount to the Gwenda Glocalista community. Mention “Gwenda Glocalista” and you get 10% discount. For more information/to book your tickets, call 9820698883 or email

The All Things Nice Malt Week Event - 29th June to 6th July 2017 Mumbai India

Things to do this week in Mumbai (19 June to 25 June 2017)

Monday, 19 June:

Wet or Dry, Shaken or Stirred, Straight Up or On The Rocks! Celebrate #WorldMartiniDay with The Sassy Spoon in Bandra. They have a special 1+1 offer! Happy Monday 🙂

P.S. You get 15% discount on your food bill using the Gwenda Glocalista Card.

Tuesday, 20 June:

Let’s head to 212 All Good at the Highstreet Phoenix Mall in Lower Parel for some amazing Indian Slam-Poetry Ft. Aranya Johar. 9pm onwards and free drinks for all women. Check out the official Facebook event for details.

Wednesday, 21 June:

Enjoy lunch with your friends or dinner with your family at one of our Gwenda Glocalista Card partner restaurants. Indigo in Colaba, The Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point and Bandra, Desi Deli in Andheri and Bandra, Mia Cucina in Powai, Indigo Deli in Colaba, Bandra, Ghatkopar, Powai, and Malad, Madeira and Mime and Mirchi and Mime in Powai and so many more. Check all our partners here and in case you don’t have a Gwenda Glocalista Card yet, buy one here.

Thursday, 22 June:

ARTISANS’ brings together four internationally acclaimed ‘local’ brands who offer a unique take on design & sustainability. The show celebrates the ‘handcrafted’ and is on from 22 to 24 June. More details on the official Facebook event page.

Friday, 23 June:

Yay! It’s the weekend! Let’s have fun and dance the night away with some fun Bollywood and Commercial music at Zoobar in Vile Parle. Cheap drinks, delicious food and great music make for the perfect Friday night! All you need to do is call your friends and dance!

Saturday, 24 June:

Have you ever wondered why we exercise? What exactly is happening inside your body when we stretch, squat or go for a jog? How can you correct your posture for good? Tamara Zweck and Cindy Jourdain are conducting a unique workshop in which you’ll learn about the Science Behind Exercise to help you understand your body better. All the details can be found on the official Facebook event page.

Sunday, 25 June:

We started the week with Martinis at the Sassy Spoon in Bandra and we end the week with a delicious Weekend Special Breakfast Menu at the Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point. What better way to start your Sunday with a lazy late breakfast with friends over pancakes, scrambled eggs, waffles, granola, smoothies and much more?

P.S. You get 15% discount on your food bill using the Gwenda Glocalista Card.


Store Opening: Nicobar in Bandra

Nicobar opened its doors in Bandra this weekend. The clothing, home and house decor brand finally came to our favorite neighborhood in the suburbs.

Nicobar Store Opening in Bandra

“I am so happy we are opening our new store in Bandra because it is the combination of the energy of the people here and being so close to the sea it makes for the perfect spot for our brand;” says Simran Lal, founder of Nicobar.

I went to explore the new store on Saturday with a friend and it’s definitely a must visit. Love that they are located in a typical heritage building in Bandra – the Patkar Bungalow on Turner Road.

Nicobar Store in Bandra: Ground Floor,Patkar Bungalow 34 D,Turner Road, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050, Ph:+91 22 4971 3678, Timings: Monday to Sunday, 11AM to 8PM.

Things to do this week in Mumbai (12 June to 18 June 2017)

Monday, 12 June:

Enjoy a casual dinner with friends at one of the restaurants that participate in the Gwenda Glocalista Card program tonight. There is no better way to fight the #mondayblues.

Tuesday, 13 June:

Oh, how I wish this play would be in English: Dohri Zindagi. If you either understand Hindi or are interested in exploring Indian theater without understanding the dialogues, I highly recommend this show at Prithvi Theater. The play is based on the lives of two young women who end up in a marriage arranged by their greedy fathers, and fall in love with each other, as they explore their own bodies and sexuality.

Wednesday, 14 June:

Time for some mid-week laughter. Head to Razzberry Rhinocereos for great Indian comedy about dating in the age of Tinder and You can go for this show called Undateable with your date or try to find one over there. Tickets can be bought online and include a beer or soft drink.

Thursday, 15 June:

Start the weekend early with a Ska concert at Khar Social. This is one of my favorite socials in Mumbai because they host so many amazing artists – local and international, famous and newcomers. Good music, cheap food and drinks. What else do you want? See you at Ska Ska Ska.

Friday, 16 June:

Movies at the Museum. Movie to be screened is Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors. It’s a Ukrainian movie from the 60s that will be shown with English subtitles. The film will be presented and discussed by film maker Kuntal Bhogilal. Check details on the official Facebook event page.

Saturday, 17 June:

Grand Hyatt Mumbai has put together a wonderful father child program to celebrate Father’s Day. Check out all the details at the official Facebook event page. It includes crafting Father’s Day cards for Daddy, games and a high-tea.

Sunday, 18 June:

Ballard Estate, with its wide, tree-lined streets and elegant European architecture, will transport you to early 20th century Bombay. Alisha Sadikot, Founder of The Inheritage Project, will lead a 2-hours heritage walk through Ballard Estate this Sunday. A beautiful way to discover Mumbai (old and new). Make sure to sign up/buy tickets on their official Facebook event page.

Things to Do This Week in Mumbai (05 June to 11 June 2017)

Monday 05 June 2017

Start the week with a workshop and learn something new. Artisans’ in Colaba is hosting a Textile on Paper Workshop this Monday.

Tuesday 06 June 2017

Movie Screening at Khar Social in cooperation with Alliance Francaise. Watch the The snows of Kilimanjaro this Tuesday at 7pm. RSVP only (entry free).

Wednesday 07 June 2017

Le Petit Prince. Der Kleine Prinz. Chota Rajkumar. The Little Prince. I have this book in four different languages at home. And Privthi Theatre in Juhu is bringing this play on stage this Wednesday. Make sure you go – with or without kids.

Thursday 08 June 2017

Today you can check out the art of Nanda Khiara at the Art Enclave Index Fair 2017. Nanda is a British-Indian artist and well known in the expat world. (In fact, you may know her personally.) Her art is abstract and expressionist. But go see for yourself.

Friday 09 June 2017

Enjoy a delicious four course dinner paired with wines from Italy, France and Chile and Cognac to finish at the Burgungy Room at Indigo, Colaba. Mention Gwenda Glocalista and you get 10% discount.

Saturday 10 June 2017

Let’s go shopping at Grandmama’s Lil Pop Up in Juhu today. A mix of accessories, home decor, and fashion pieces await you! Shop ’til you drop and if you get hungry, you can order anything of Grandmama’s menu.

Sunday 11 June 2017

End the weekend with a Night Photography Workshop. Grab your camera and learn how to capture the special vibe of the night in Powai. The organizers say the workshop is all about “learning the rules and then breaking them”. Have fun photographing…

Indian Monsoon Facts

We are all waiting for it. The water showers that relieve us from the heat of summer. Monsoon! Here are some interesting facts about Monsoon in India (which you may or may not know).

Rain Drops Taxi Monsoon Mumbai India

  1. The monsoon in India blows from the south-west during one half of the year and from the north-east during the other half.
  2. South-west monsoon are the winds blowing from the south-west direction entering India from the Indian Ocean during the months of July-September are known as the South-west monsoon. They are also known as Summer monsoon and their general direction is from sea to land.
  3. North-east monsoon are the winds blowing from the north-east direction leaving India towards the Indian Ocean during the months of October-November are known as the North-east monsoon. They are also known as Winter monsoon and their general direction is from land to sea.
  4. The term “monsoon” has its origin in the Arabic word ‘Mausim‘, which means season.
  5. The start of monsoon is associated with a phenomenon known as ‘bursting of monsoon‘. It simply refers to the abrupt change in weather conditions at the start of monsoon such as the hot and dry weather prior to the summer monsoon is replaced by a wet and humid one after it.
  6. Since India is an agricultural country, monsoon is very important for India as it receives 90% of its rain during this period. The source of water for the Hydro-electric power, repletion of depleted water table in dry summer season, water for irrigation, maintaining life stock and human life are all done with the help of monsoon.
  7. Monsoon has also its disadvantages as with most good things. Excess rainfall during monsoon can cause floods such as the floods in Western India in 2005.Excess water during monsoons can lead to stagnant pools and drains, which are the breeding place for various diseases such as Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid etc. On the other hand, less rainfall during monsoon can cause famine, forcing farmer suicide cases as well as debt and loan for the country.