April Favorites

Starting a new series on the blog: My monthly favorites. These are things, places, etc. that I have enjoyed this past month and would like to share with you. Here are my April Favorites:

  1. The Green Detox Smoothie at Birdsong Café

One of my favorite spots to be in the morning is the Organic Birdsong Café in Bandra. Tucked away in a small lane between Reclamation and Hill Road, this is the perfect spot to wonder and dream. I often come here early in the morning (and I mean early: they regularly have to remind me that they don’t open before 9am). Carrying my laptop to get lots of work done in the AM, I usually get carried away with watching people and by now, I think most people who regularly walk by this cute café know me.

Green Detox Smoothie at Organic Birdsong Cafe in Bandra, Mumbai, India

The Green Detox Smoothie at the Birdsong Café is the best thing ever. With lots of healthy greens inside, it is still sweet (thanks to the banana) and ultra delicious. I love the thick yet liquid consistency. The perfect drink cum breakfast treat.

  1. Necklace from Colaba Causeway

The second favorite of the month is my latest addition to my jewelry collection. I found this amazing old coin necklace at Colaba Causeway. After the recent art walk with DAG Modern at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, I convinced my husband to take a stroll through the always crowded (and overpriced) street market that is popular with tourists and locals alike. I love street shopping and I love bargaining. And though I really like this necklace, it was more of a “random purchase”. I was just testing out my bargaining skills… but when the vendor offered me this beauty for just 200 Rupees (I got him down from his initial 650 Rupees), I couldn’t resist. And now she is my new favorite. And in the mornings, I choose my clothes according to what matches my new old coin necklace!

Colaba Causeway Find: My old coin necklace

  1. Hipster Salad at Bombay Salad Co

Out of 263 times that I have been to Bombay Salad Co in the past few years, I probably ordered the Hipster Salad 259 times. Seriously!!! This is my absolute favourite salad at this Bandra eatery, in Mumbai and maybe even in the whole world! Kale, quinoa, cranberries, carrot, pomegranate, mix seeds, ricotta, orange carrot vinaigrette. Yum! It’s the perfect combination of crunchiness, fruity flavours and creamy cheese. I love it. I even considered moving closer to the restaurant so that I can order home delivery.

  1. Run The World (Girls)

Favorite song of the month is Run The World by Beyonce. Always pumps me up. For getting business work done, while exercising or when stuck in traffic: Love it and listen to it all the time. (And when I am alone and I dance around my house listening to this song.) You can listen to it here.

  1. Using my Gwenda Glocalista Card

And last but not least: One of my favorite things to do this April is to use my Gwenda Glocalista Card. Being a foodie and loving to explore this city, I partnered up with my favorite restaurants, cafes and hotels to create a special discount card for expats in Mumbai that helps newcomers to explore the city and offers great discounts. I love to travel around the city and use my own Gwenda Glocalista Card.

Gwenda Glocalista Card

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