Singapore Packing List

Here are my TOP 8 things you should pack for your trip to Singapore (no matter if it’s a weekend getaway or a week-long family trip).

  1. Passport (and visa)

Always carry your passport when travelling abroad and ensure it is valid for at least 6 months from the day of departure. Most visitors to Singapore do NOT require a visa for entry. For details, check the official ICA website here.

  1. Sunscreen and Sun glasses

When travelling to a warm place like Singapore, make sure to use sunscreen on a daily basis. Whether you are hanging by the pool, exploring the city, go for a hike or chill by the beach: there is no reason why you would want to expose your skin without protection. Similarly, always wear your sun glasses (and if you are like me – carry an extra pair of sun glasses to switch according to your outfits).

  1. Swim Wear

In Singapore, you can swim in the sea (in Sentosa), or use your hotel pool. If you fancy, you can even take a swim in the infinity pool on top of the Marina Bay Sands building from which you have a stunning view.

Coming from a cold country (Germany), I first have to travel and live in Venezuela to learn one very important rule in life: ALWAYS carry a swimsuit or bikini. In fact, when in a country that has easy swimming options, I usually keep a bikini in my handbag. You never know… 🙂

  1. Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

Singapore is a global foodie paradise. I hardly visit fancy restaurants when I am here because the local foodcourts offer such a tasty and cheap variety of food from all over Asia (and the rest of the world): Korean, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Western, … you have endless options! But that also means that you often eat at hawker centres without the option to properly wash your hands before you start your meal. So make sure you always carry a hand sanitizer and some wet wipes.

  1. Water Bottle

I am a big fan of carrying my own water bottle. It allows me to stay hydrated while exploring new neighbourhoods and walking around the city and I can easily refill it.

  1. Sneakers and Sportswear

Singapore is probably the safest city I have ever lived in. Every time I come back I have a long list of things to do, people to meet and food to eat. I never have enough time to do it all. So, I often step out late at night, take the MRT (that’s what the metro is called in Singapore) to one of my favourite neighbourhoods and just go for a run. You can also enjoy the sea breeze at East Coast Park during an early morning run or watch the sunset while exercising. Basically you get the idea: bring your sportswear to stay fit while travelling and use your time to explore and experience even more of Singapore.

  1. Clothes

In terms of clothes, I usually pack two types: casual shorts and t-shirts for everyday and dresses that I can dress up from day to night. Unlike some places in Europe or Latin America, where you can hit the dance floor in casual jeans, you need to dress up and shine for a night out in Singapore. So make sure to pack some dresses that you can style down during the day and with a few accessories added at night make for a fancy party outfit.

  1. Phone, Apps, Camera, Book(s)

Last but not least: I always carry my phone and camera (plus chargers and travel adapters) and make sure I downloaded and updated my travel related apps such as Googlemaps, Uber, Audible, and specifically for Singapore’s public transport I use an app called MyTransport Singapore. I also pack at least one book to read while flying in and out of Singapore as well as during the MRT rides or any time I want to relax.

I hope this small packing list helps you and my tips & tricks to pack make your next Singapore trip smoother. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post about my favorite things to do in Singapore and my Foodie List of things you absolutely must eat when in Singapore.

Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017

I don’t know about you but I just came back home from a crazy day filled with business meetings and lots of work. And it’s been busy for the last few days. So busy that I didn’t really plan anything for our Valentine’s Dinner. But cooking at home? Ordering in? Well, here are my super Last Minute Valentine’s Dinner Date suggestions:

  1. Heart shaped pizzas at Mia Cucina in Powai
  2. Four course meal with music and drinks at Su Casa in Bandra
  3. Anti-Valentine’s Cocktails (not just for singles) at The Bar, Grand Hyatt in Santacruz

I’m keeping it sweet and short today. Because let’s face it: It’s 7.34pm and I need to get ready for my date night. Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s evening!

Love Mumbai
Love Mumbai

Your Personal Invite to Celebrating India’s Finest 2017

Do you remember how last year, I was part of the Jury for the Indian Wine Consumer’s Choice Awards 2016? Well, this year I couldn’t join them (I was busy dancing at my brother-in-law’s wedding). All Things Nice is inviting all of you for the Celebrating India’s Finest 2017 – an evening full of good conversations and great wine celebrating the winners of this year’s Indian Wine Consumer’s Choice Awards.

The event will take place on Friday, 17 February 2017, 7.30pm onwards at Sofitel in BKC. The normal price is 2,000 INR per person but because the Gwenda Glocalista community is so awesome, All Things Nice offers us a special price of 1,500 INR per person. (Simply mention “Gwenda Glocalista” when buying your ticket!)

So what are you waiting for? Celebrate India’s Finest and All Things Nice.

Celebrating India's Finest 2017
Celebrating India’s Finest 2017