The most precious gem of Jaipur: 28 Kothi

During my recent travel to Jaipur, I found a real gem. Now you may say –that’s what Jaipur is famous for: gemstones. And you are right. But today, I am telling you about a different kind of gem.

28 Kothi, Shivaji Nagar, Civil Lines, Jaipur. What sounds like a normal residential address is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, quite, calming and exciting hotels I have ever been to in Jaipur.

But no, it’s not a hotel. It’s a creative space, an oasis for people who wander and wonder, the place to stay for artists and designers who come to Jaipur for sourcing and inspiration. It’s a boutique guest house.

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi in Jaipur, India

Through this door you enter into a different world. 28 Kothi is located in one of the residential areas of Jaipur away from the buzz and still so close to the city center. The light yellow house that is surrounded by a lush green garden was built by French architect Georges Floret for the jewelry designer Munnu of Gem Palace.

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi in Jaipur, India

As soon as you enter this place, you are taken into a different world: a world of beauty, taste, consciousness and calmness. Jaipur-based Lebanese designer Nur Kaoukji, who melded local creations and antique treasures with modernity and refreshing elegance, created such a unique, beautiful and inviting atmosphere at 28 Kothi that kept me speechless for a while. Seriously!

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi in Jaipur, India

Insia Lacewalla, the General Manager of 28 Kothi, must have heard me say “Oh wow” and “How beautiful” a million times before I was actually able to hold a proper conversation again… I was so impressed that something so beautiful could exist –anywhere in the world and especially in Jaipur!

A family home filled with lovely art and beauty in every detail: The hand painted wall art in the library room, the pink rose petals in the living room, the palm tree painted on the white cupboard. Wherever I looked, I saw beauty.

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi Jaipur, India

During my visit to 28 Kothi, I also met a New Yorker jewellery designer and her German colleague who come to Jaipur on a regular basis for work and we enjoyed a delicious, organic vegetarian meal together.

And after a delicious carrot turmeric soup, a traditional Rajasthani cucumber salad and yummy spinach toast topped with an egg sunny side up, I would have loved to take a nap in one of the five bedrooms that are named after different gemstones (Moon Stone, Sapphire, Topaz, Spinel, Peridot) and each have a very beautiful and unique color theme to it.

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi Jaipur India

But unfortunately, I had to continue my day and had to say goodbye. Well, actually I didn’t say goodbye – I promised myself to spend at least one night at this beautiful gem of Jaipur next time I come to the city.

And I suggest you all to do the same: whether you are travelling with your kids, are looking for a quite getaway from the buzzing city life in Mumbai or Delhi, or you are looking for inspiration for your creative business. 28 Kothi is a must on your Jaipur list!!! Stay at one of their beautiful guest rooms or visit them for lunch (just make sure to call for reservation –it’s not a typical “restaurant”).

And now, I show you my personal favorite spot of the whole house at 28 Kothi: the perfect reading corner!

Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi Jaipur India
Boutique Guest House 28 Kothi Jaipur India

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