Don’t just rise… WONDERISE!

Wonderise Event at Four Season Hotel in Mumbai India for Expats Expatriates Sunrise Amazing View

Whether you’re a morning person or not, you have to come for this event! Wonderise is Mumbai’s earliest party: it’s fitness sunrise party that proofs that taking care of your health can be so much fun.

WHEN? Sunday, 21 August 2016, 7AM to 11AM

WHERE? AER Lounge, Four Seasons Hotel, Worli

And the best part: This morning fitness party takes place at AER BAR (Rooftop Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel) and offers one of the most amazing sunrise views of the city! So go ahead and purchase your tickets here. We are super excited that Wonderise offers Gwenda Glocalista readers a special discount: Use promo code “GGWON150” to get 150INR off.

Wonderise Event Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai India Expats Expatriates

Now, i hear some of you saying “A rooftop party at a 5-star hotel sounds lots of fun! But at 7 AM in the morning??”

So, here are the two options:

  1. You are a morning person: Great! Just get up early and join happy people (like me) at the rooftop bar for this unique and fun way to start an awesome day.
  2. You are not a morning person: Don’t worry! Simply party all night and join the Wonderise Party at 7AM. After this morning fitness sunrise party is over, you can spend all Sunday in bed. (I promise you it’s gonna be worth it!)

You see -either way, you have to come for this unique and amazing event! So, please go ahead and buy your tickets here (and don’t forget to use the Gwenda Glocalista discount code: “GGWON150” to get 150INR off).

Wonderise Event Program Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai India

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