Have you heard the myth of a perfect fitting yet stylish sports bra? I found evidence that this is not just a legend.


Two weeks ago, I was invited to the Launch of the new Triaction Sports Bra collection by Triumph International. In cooperation with F2 Fitness, they hosted a fun fitness session that included martial arts, aerobics and salsa.

F2 Fitness offers personalized and effective training programs combined with nutrition guidelines to help you “Get Fit and Remain Fit”. Farah Vohra and Neville Almeida, the founders of F2, want to make people feel good and look great –a goal they share with Triumph International.


Feeling good and looking good!

Jennifer Kapasi, Head of Operations, Triumph International (India), represents the brand in the most amazing way: She is not just a strong woman who takes on the world. She also wants to have fun and feel good while she working out.


After a great introduction about the features and benefits of the new Triaction Sports Bra by Jennifer, Farah and Neville took over and made us test the Sports Bra in action. They customized a great workout for us, combining various internationally certified Les Mills classes. It was such great fun and not even once, I thought about the bra –which is a great sign and the best feedback I can give.


I absolutely love the new Triaction Sports Bra by Triumph, because:

  1. Extremely Comfortable and Maximum Support

Separate cups help to control bounce better and give extra support for high-intensity activities. Broad bands prevent unwanted breast movement and wide straps give you optimal comfort.

  1. Mash fabric helps you to stay sweat-free

The mash fabric in the back absorbs moisture and maximizes breathability.

  1. Funky & Stylish

And last but not least: I absolutely love the neon colors and the stylish look of the sports bra. After all, we still want to look good when we work out.

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