Review: Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods is Vivan’s and Chantal’s vision of sustainable agriculture. They bake pure bread, sell raw honey and craft delicious jams with old family recipes. The first time, I heard about them was from a former employee of the German Consulate: “You can buy the best bread in Mumbai from Impossible Foods. They make real German bread.”

In Mumbai Everything is Possible – Especially the Impossible (Foods).

I don’t really consider myself very German. Earlier, when people would ask me where I am from, I would say Europe, not Germany. The only “German” thing I really miss in India is: Abendbrot! This typical German family evening meal comprises of a selection of cheese or cold cuts and hearty breads. At my parents’ house, we always eat delicious wholegrain bread with sunflower seeds that we buy every Saturday at the farmers market.

I was so happy when Impossible Foods offered me some of their breads to taste. I was overwhelmed by the variety of breads they offer: sourdough, multigrain, gluten-free, wholegrain. Check out all their breads here.

Delicious Breads from Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods’ mission is to connect the wealthy consumer market “Mumbai” with the poor producers from tribal communities through nutritious, real and delicious food and to create value for all. Doesn’t that sound amazing? And it’s possible.

While talking to Vivan about the story behind Impossible Foods, I realized how little I actually know about the food I eat every single day. On one side, I feel so much closer to the producer when I see the colourful fruits and vegetables at my local sabziwala (vegetable seller). But when I heard Vivan speaking about how our food is produced in India, I missed my trusted Biosiegel (eco seal) from Germany which helps me to identify 100% organic food even in the supermarket (and you can trust the organic labels in Europe –well, at least more than the ones in India).

Though Vivan doesn’t like to label his products “organic” because many companies use this kind of language purely for marketing purposes, the Impossible Foods breads are probably the purest that you can find in Mumbai. After reading the horror stories of cancer-causing chemicals in most of the top bread brands in India recently, it is so important that we know where our food comes from and what ingredients are used.

And for many of us -locals and expats- this is one of the biggest challenges. One way to know more about your food is to get to know the people behind the brand and their philosophy. Chantal and I belong to a common social group and though we have never been in touch very much, I was always impressed about her knowledge in the field of sustainability. And when I spoke to Vivan over phone, I found him such a humble and honest person with a great vision. Chantal is a Brit married who is married to an Indian and lives permanently in Mumbai like me. And her husband Vivan, a natur lover, spent many years in New Zealand, Spain, UK and Germany before coming back to Mumbai.

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods shows that a better (and healthier) world is possible. They deliver the bread every Friday to your doorstep (across Mumbai). Have a look at the subscription models they offer.


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