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I first heard about The Pickled Chick from the founders itself: I met Manini & William at a foodie event and loved the passion with which they talked about the non-veg pickles they make and their food business journey.

Indian pickles are usually vegetarian: garlic pickle, mango pickle, lemon pickle, green chilli pickle, cauliflower pickle (my FIL makes delicious cauliflower pickle during Jaipur winter).

And yes, I have had prawn pickle, too. But chicken pickle?

The Pickled Chick

Before leaving the foodie gathering, I was informed by Manini & William that they would send me their Chicken Pickles to try (THANK YOU!). And just a few days later, right in time for my parents-in-law visit from Jaipur, 5 glasses of homemade pickles arrived.

  • The Andhra Swing
  • The Kerala Mix
  • The Goan Twist
  • D Punjabi Beat
  • Chicken Balchao

The Pickled Chick combines delicious and traditional family recipes with the culinary diversity of India. Each chicken pickle represents the style and taste of another Indian state. They make for a great gift to a foodie friend and are loved by all family members!

Perfect last minute snack for visitors
Perfect last minute snack for visitors

You can eat these yummy chicken pickles with your standard Dal Chawal Sabzi (Dal, Rice and Vegetables) or you experiment with it and try out something new: We enjoyed the Chicken Balchao and D Punjabi Beat as starters with some bread and crackers. That is also a great way to come up with a nice snack when you have guests coming over spontaneously… I mixed the Goan Twist into my spaghetti sauce and the Andhra Swing was a great addition in our lasagna recently. And the Kerala Mix travelled all the way to Jaipur to be enjoyed by my parents-in-law!

German Style Indian Masala Brotzeit
My Take on a German Style Indian Masala Brotzeit

And the best part: You can actually understand the list of ingredients as they don’t use any artificial flavors, colors, thickening agents and absolutely no artificial preservatives for these delicious chicken pickles.

You can purchase the chicken pickles for 250 INR per glass (250g) at Stappu or Swiggy.

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