Review: The Pickled Chick


I first heard about The Pickled Chick from the founders itself: I met Manini & William at a foodie event and loved the passion with which they talked about the non-veg pickles they make and their food business journey.

Indian pickles are usually vegetarian: garlic pickle, mango pickle, lemon pickle, green chilli pickle, cauliflower pickle (my FIL makes delicious cauliflower pickle during Jaipur winter).

And yes, I have had prawn pickle, too. But chicken pickle?

The Pickled Chick

Before leaving the foodie gathering, I was informed by Manini & William that they would send me their Chicken Pickles to try (THANK YOU!). And just a few days later, right in time for my parents-in-law visit from Jaipur, 5 glasses of homemade pickles arrived.

  • The Andhra Swing
  • The Kerala Mix
  • The Goan Twist
  • D Punjabi Beat
  • Chicken Balchao

The Pickled Chick combines delicious and traditional family recipes with the culinary diversity of India. Each chicken pickle represents the style and taste of another Indian state. They make for a great gift to a foodie friend and are loved by all family members!

Perfect last minute snack for visitors
Perfect last minute snack for visitors

You can eat these yummy chicken pickles with your standard Dal Chawal Sabzi (Dal, Rice and Vegetables) or you experiment with it and try out something new: We enjoyed the Chicken Balchao and D Punjabi Beat as starters with some bread and crackers. That is also a great way to come up with a nice snack when you have guests coming over spontaneously… I mixed the Goan Twist into my spaghetti sauce and the Andhra Swing was a great addition in our lasagna recently. And the Kerala Mix travelled all the way to Jaipur to be enjoyed by my parents-in-law!

German Style Indian Masala Brotzeit
My Take on a German Style Indian Masala Brotzeit

And the best part: You can actually understand the list of ingredients as they don’t use any artificial flavors, colors, thickening agents and absolutely no artificial preservatives for these delicious chicken pickles.

You can purchase the chicken pickles for 250 INR per glass (250g) at Stappu or Swiggy.

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Restaurant Review: SpiceKlub in Lower Parel

Two weeks ago, I visited SpiceKlub in Lower Parel. An Indian Vegetarian Restaurant right opposite of the Palladium Mall and next to The Rolling Pin (check out my review of The Rolling Pin here). Honestly, I wasn’t super excited to do the review as I had been eating too much Indian food during that time. And I was craving some meat (or sushi! I am always on for sushi…).

But anyways, we went: My mother-in-law was in town and she was quite excited about the whole restaurant reviewing thing! And you know how the parties you don’t feel like going for are usually the best ones? Well, all I can say is that SpiceKlub is now officially my FAVORITE INDIAN VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT IN MUMBAI!

Dhokla Crumbs with coriander chutney foam and frozen coconut chutney
Dhokla Crumbs with coriander chutney foam and frozen coconut chutney

You want to know why? The staff was extremely polite and welcoming. I loved the atmosphere of this buzzing yet very local Indian restaurant. Families, big groups of friends, couples… everyone seems to love this place. And once you have visited you will understand why.

Pani Puri in test tubes and with a chutney injection
Pani Puri in test tubes and with a chutney injection

It is not just a meal you get here. It’s an experience. Indian Molecular Gastronomy. No words to describe. It simply wowed us. And we nearly came back the next day for another family dinner.

We enjoyed a variety of their starters and main courses: Pani Puri in a test tube and the chutney in an injection. Naan Pizza combined India and Italy perfectly and was my personal favorite. Pav Bhaji was served as a fondue and is an amazing way to share the fun with the whole family or a group of friends. Vada Pav had an edible plastic bag filled with the masala. Dhokla Crumbs were served with frozen coconut chutney and coriander chutney foam.

We loved our family dinner and are planning to go back very soon!
We loved our family dinner and are planning to go back very soon!

All I can say is: please forget that this is a “boring non-alcoholic vegetarian” restaurant and give SpiceKlub the chance to wow you. I swear it’s worth it!
SpiceKlub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Please note that Gwenda Glocalista was invited to review this restaurant. Though we did not pay our own bill, we have our own opinion and free food doesn’t buy our free mind.

Meet the Mumbaikar: Olivier Lafont


  1. Bollywood Star Olivier LafontTell us about yourself and your work as a writer, actor and model.

I consider myself primarily a storyteller, and writing and acting as different facets of that. Whether it’s writing a film or my novels, or acting, it’s essentially about telling a particular story.

  1. Olivier or Sanjay? Do you consider yourself Indian or French? And does it matter in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai?

I identify best with Olivier (Sanjay is my middle name). Although my nationality is French, I consider myself part French, part Indian, and part American. It does matter in purely practical terms, but beyond that Mumbai is a city that welcomes anyone from anywhere, so I’ve always been quite comfortably all my different cultures here. Expressing my multicultural identity and experience has always been an important part of my art, so, for example, my fantasy novel ‘Warrior’ is set predominantly in Mumbai and presents the city as a kind of global crossroads, where all parts of the wide world come together — which, in some respects, is how I see individual people, as a confluence of all their cultures.

  1. Which is your favorite spot in Mumbai and why?

My favorite place is actually all of Bandra (West of Linking Road). It’s the particular blend of history, modernity, neighborhood design, proximity to the sea, cosmopolitan and artistic culture…

  1. What’s your favorite restaurant, bar or café in Mumbai?

I consider Indigo restaurant my go-to fail-safe, I also love the Lotus Café at the Marriott, and I always go out of my way to drop in at La Patisserie at the Taj Hotel in Colaba. The classics, I guess.

  1. Anything French that you miss in Mumbai?

Mainly food — I’m still looking for an authentic éclair here!

  1. What would you do/see/eat when you have only 48 hours in Mumbai?

I would suggest starting at Colaba with breakfast at the Taj Mahal Hotel overlooking the Gateway of India, and a boat ride in the morning, maybe even Elephanta Island if you’re so inclined. Then lunch at Indigo in Colaba, followed by a leisurely tour of town to get a feel for that part of Mumbai. Dinner at Khyber in Fort, and a stroll up Marine Drive and down Colaba. The next day I would recommend a foray north to the suburbs, with some shopping in Bandra on Linking Road, and then the JW Marriott brunch and pool for the rest of the day.

  1. What is your tip for newcomers to the city? How to feel home in Mumbai?

Everything might seem chaotic, and scary, and random — but the trick is to immerse, to familiarize yourself with all that, and then to arrange the right combination for yourself. The amazing thing about Mumbai is that nothing is fixed in stone; everything can be changed and figured out.

  1. What are your tips for a foreigner who wants to learn Hindi?

The biggest advantage of Hindi is that it’s phonetic — i.e. it’s pronounced the way it’s written. So, first learn the alphabet, and then learn how to pronounce the sound of each letter. The grammar and structure will come with practise, and depends on how much you study it. For reading, start with Hindi comics; move on to newspapers, and then plays and novels. Then you can watch movies, listen to music, have conversations, it all helps.

Thank you, Olivier Lafont, for this interview! You can check out more details about his work on his website, on Facebook and even get a behind the scenes on Instagram. By the way: The instagram account is shared with his wife Gina Lafont (read her interview here).

Restaurant Review: DesiKlub at Nariman Point

This restaurant is as buzzing as Bombay’s busy streets. We went here on a weekday after office hours and within no time after walking in, the restaurant was filled with families, friends and tourists who all came to enjoy Mumbai’s street food with a twist.

DesiKlub is located in Maker Chamber IV, Nariman Point. It’s definitely one of those restaurants that you wouldn’t know where it is unless someone suggested it to you or you found it on Zomato. The third option is what happened to me: I got invited to review this restaurant (Thank you, Team DesiKlub!). DesiKlub is owned by Lemon Chilli Veg Gourmet Foods LLP -the name owner that runs The Rolling Pin, SpiceKlub (review coming soon) and Quattro Ristorante.

Gwenda Glocalista and Father-in-law at the restaurant review
Gwenda Glocalista and Father-in-law at the restaurant review

As my father-in-law was in town, I decided to take him along with me for this review. You must know, he is not very experimental with food; his favorite sabzi is non-veg and he doesn’t eat paneer or any other diary products. So, call me brave when I suggested this vegetarian restaurant… But my instinct was right: though it’s a veg only restaurant, my FIL enjoyed the food and the whole experience of restaurant reviewing a lot.

We had a great time going through the menu which describes the dishes in interesting ways (e.g. old Bollywood songs). Also, we enjoyed the interior design of this place a lot: At the back of each chair is the name of a famous Mumbai street, the wall paper is a photograph of a typical Mumbai street corner –and a real size BEST bus approaching you–, and the restaurant is illuminated by street lights.

We love the interiors: Street view wallpaper
We love the interiors: Street view wallpaper

But now, let’s talk about to the food. We ordered a variety of starters and main courses and were too full to enjoy the desserts (but we make sure we come back soon for that).

One of my favorite street foods of all time is Sev Puri and of course it was my first choice for starters. For those of you who don’t know what is is: it’s a type of chaat that is very popular in Mumbai. It’s a crispy flat puri, topped with potato, green beans (moong) and onion, then you drizzle coriander chutney and tamarind date chutney and top it up with sev (deep fried gram flour noodles). Basically it’s irresistible delicious. The Sev Puri served at DesiKlub has fresh pomegranate seeds and pineapple on it which makes it super refreshing and even more delicious. Definitely my favourite starter on the menu.

My favorite street food: Sev Puri
My favorite street food: Sev Puri

We also ordered OTC Pakoda (onion, tomato, cucumber sandwich coated in seasoned batter and deep-fried) and Dab-Elly (difficult to describe but definitely worth a try -see photo below). The pakodas were very tasty and with the rains starting soon, these make for a great snack with hot chai.


As main course, we ordered the “The Tastiest Vegetarian Dish in the World” (Maharashtra Chi Shaan) which with that name left us with great (unfulfilled) expectations.

World's Tastiest Veg Dish
World’s Tastiest Veg Dish
Macaroni Makhanwala
Macaroni Makhanwala

The Pasta Desi Ishtyle (Macaroni in Makhanwala gravy) on the other hand was world-class. Being a big fan of paneer makhanwala and a pasta lover, I often wondered how those two would taste combined. This combination of Indian-Italian cuisine is absolute comfort food and deserves to be called my favorite main dish at DesiKlub.

The third dish we ordered was named after an old Bollywood song called Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai (listen to the song here). It translates into “Two hearts are meeting”: Tawa noodles and Pav Bhaji maar ke. It’s definitely an interesting combination but somehow it wasn’t mine. My husband however liked this combination much more than the Pasta Desi Ishtyle.

Like most veg restaurants, this place doesn’t serve alcohol. We enjoyed chilled Ganna Adrak (sugarcane juice with ginger).

I highly recommend DesiKlub for travellers and newcomers to India who would like to taste Mumbai’s street food in the comfort of restaurant that keeps hygienic standards high.

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Please note that Gwenda Glocalista was invited to review this restaurant. Though we did not pay our own bill, we have our own opinion and free food doesn’t buy our free mind.

Don’t just rise, Wonderise!

Wonderise is a morning movement taking the city by storm. The event celebrates the magic hour of sunrise with dance, Capoeira, Zumba, Hip Hop fitness, BollyFit, healthy juices and snacks. Tickets can be purchased here. (Psst! We are giving away 3×2 tickets for this event.)

I call it the sexiest way to start your day! The next sunrise party will be on Saturday 11 June 2016 (Global Wellness Day). Come and celebrate the most beautiful sunrise the city has to offer from the rooftop of scenic AER Bar at Four Seasons Hotel, Mumbai with Wonderise.

Dress Code: You can come in pajamas’s, gym wear, or as a shiny disco ball. The Wonderise community loves surprises as long as you bring along the unicorn inside you.

Head over to our Facebook Page as we will be giving away 3×2 tickets for the Wonderise event on 11 June 2016 at AER Bar.

Fitness Event in Mumbai