Review: The Grandmama’s Cafe in Dadar

A hip café in Dadar –just a few meters away from the buzzing Dadar station? What I remember from this area from my last visits (I used to volunteer with Mentor Me India at a nearby school), is CROWD and the typical Mumbai vibe of hard-working and busy people.

Super excited to try out the Grandmama’s Cafe in Dadar, we reach here on a weekday during lunch and are greeted by a beautifully and a bit French looking café.

What a beautiful cafe: The outside of Grandmama's Cafeq
What a beautiful cafe: The outside view of Grandmama’s Cafe in Dadar

We are seated on comfy sofas in a place that could be our Granny’s living room (assuming she would have an interior designer to put the final touches). It seems that we arrived just in time as the tables around us fill up quickly and soon people have to wait for quite some time to get a place.

The Inside View of Grandmama's Cafe in Dadar
The Inside View of Grandmama’s Cafe in Dadar

We are hungry and ready to order. A look through the menu suggests a variety of what could be the evergreen recipes of grandmothers around the world: rajma chawal (India), vegetable fricassee (England/France), shepherd’s pie (England/Irland), homemade ravioli (Italy), and so much more. But somehow I didn’t trust that all of this would taste like at Grandma’s. Maybe the menu could be arranged differently: If these are truly the specialties of grandmothers around the world, it could be a great idea to arrange it by country/continent.

Gwenda Glocalista is ready to order...
Gwenda Glocalista is ready to order…

We started our lunch with a round of Cheese Nachos (vegetarian) which looked pretty but tasted average. (For someone who has eaten authentic Mexican food, nachos in India generally taste not like nachos…) But I can imagine this dish being a favorite of the many college kids visiting Grandmama’s Café as it’s great to be shared in a group.

The starter - Nachos
The Starter – Nachos

As mains, we ordered the Nutrition Power House Salad which had a great lemon dressing. It was a rocket quinoa salad that was topped with very aromatic and delicious goat cheese. We were impressed and suggest only one small change: cut the goat cheese in smaller pieces which will allow mixing up the different flavors of rocket, quinoa, cheese and lemon dressing even better.

The Main Course - Nutrition Power House Salad
The Main Course – Nutrition Power House Salad

While my friend was very quick in her choice for this salad, I couldn’t decide what to order as main course. I was very attracted to the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich but read a bad review about it earlier (here). However, my friend made a great point: if I would try the sandwich, I could see if the restaurant incorporates feedback from its guests. So I ordered the sandwich and enjoyed every bite of it.


The Main Course - Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich
The Main Course – Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich

What a great decision to try this sandwich. I loved it. You should know that I am a big salmon fan. And this sandwich was very tasty. Made with Ciabatta bread and a delicious dill cream, the caper berries completed the authentic taste.

After such a great meal, we were too full to try the waffles that the waiter suggested us. However, we didn’t mind a bit of chocolate flavour. And that’s how 2 Belgian Chocolate Shakes ended up at our table. Nicely cool to refresh rather than push us into the ultimate food coma. And yummy chocolate taste without getting a sugar shock: the perfect way to end our lunch at Grandmama’s Café.

The Dessert - Belgian Chocolate Shake
The Dessert – Belgian Chocolate Shake

P.S. We had a baby on board for our restaurant review. And like most places in India, the staff of this restaurant was delighted to have this little guest. She enjoyed the Grandmama’s Roasted Chicken.

We had a baby on board during our restaurant review.
We had a baby on board during our restaurant review.

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Please note that Gwenda Glocalista was invited to review this restaurant. Though we did not pay our own bill, we have our own opinion and free food doesn’t buy our free mind.

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