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Pallavi Singh from Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in India
Pallavi Singh from Hindi Lessons for Foreigners in India

I recently met Mumbai’s most famous Hindi teacher –at least if you ask the Bombay expat community… 🙂 Pallavi Singh from hindilessons.co.in teaches Hindi to foreigners who usually come to the city for 6 months to 3 years work assignments. She works with a variety of consulates, including the American Consulate in Mumbai, international schools such as Deutsche Schule Bombay (DSB) and conducts individual private classes.

‘Language is nothing but a by-product of culture, traditions, niceties and exchanges of the society. I think one can either become an observer or an absorber and it’s so much more enriching to be the latter.’ Pallavi who started teaching Hindi when she was 19, traveled extensively nationally & internationally and knows India not only from the perspective of a local but understands how foreigners experience the country.

The first three sentences you should learn in Hindi according to Pallavi?

Seedha Lo (go straight)
Teekha kam (less spicy)
Han Theek Hai. (yes, okay)

Pallavi teaches Hindi to an expat student.
Pallavi teaches Hindi to an expat student.

Pallavi’s Hindi classes are very interactive and extremely well organized. Her modules are an intellectual result of 500+ hours of teaching, development and introspection. Price: 1200INR/class. You can check out more details here.


If you are interested to learn Hindi in Mumbai, get in touch with Pallavi Singh:

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